Who is this Doug character?

I am a 3D Animator / Technical Animator based out of Dallas, TX. My work experience is accrued from a combination of contractual, game industry, independent development, and freelance work.

Like stated above, my work spans both the technical and artistic peaks of the animation disciplines. Besides traditional keyframing and the principles of animation, I also work with raw motion capture data, rigging, skinng, scripting, and motion editing. I have had the pleasure working with some of the most talented people and learning, utilizing, and in some cases streamlining their animation pipelines.

I have been in the animator, lead animator, technical animator, environment animator, content modeler, and motion capture specialist over the past several years. I have consulted with Indie developers. I have been an Indie developer as well as been part of a large development team.

I'm never done learning. There's always some new technique or technology that allows us to push and redfine the limits of our passion: 3D.

What can Doug do for you?

  • Keyframe animation
  • Facial animation
  • Consulting
  • Rigging
  • Scripting
  • Environment Animation
  • Motion capture
    • Editing
    • Cleaning
    • Directing

From the blog

Animation resumé

Technical resumé (Comming Soon)